Week 6 Assignment: Task-Flow Diagrams and Use Case

8 11 2009

For this assignment, we were asked to identify and improve a task that is relevant to Media Space. We were asked to create task-flow diagrams of the existing task and of our improved version, as well as write a use case for the improved version.

I chose the task of finding out what the Week 6 reading was Com 529 and downloading that reading from Media Space.

Version 1: The task as it is now
Currently, the user must locate the class group then locate the proper week then click links to each assigned reading to download it.

Version 2: Improved version
In my improved version, there would be a “Reading and Assignments” tab of MediaSpace that organized reading and assignment information and files for your classes. This tab could also be a feature on the home page that displays your upcoming reading and assignments.

Use case of improved task
Step 1: User logs in.
Step 2: User clicks on Reading and Assignments category on the home page.
Step 3: User clicks on Com 529 Week 6 Reading.
Step 4: User clicks Download reading.
Step 5: User chooses where to save PDF in “Save file as” window.




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