Nexus One Available At Wal-Mart?

31 01 2010

Over the past two weeks, I’ve noticed blog posts claiming that the Nexus One is going to be sold at Wal-Mart. This information was based on a Wal-Mart web page saying that the Nexus One would soon be available at the megastore. Other reports said the phone would be $99 with a two-year T-Mobile contract. Google has since denied the claim, saying it has no plans to sell the phone anywhere other than its website, and Wal-Mart has taken the page down.

Wal-Mart says that the page was put up by mistake, due to a technical error. “We’re working with our partner Let’s Talk to have it removed as quickly as possible. We have no plans to carry Nexus One in Walmart stores or online at at this time,” Ashley Hardie, a Wal-Mart spokeswoman, said via e-mail.

Let’s Talk is a cell-phone retailer that appears to operate Wal-Mart’s wireless Web site.

I’m a little relieved. I was angry about the possibility of it being available for $99 (after I paid well more a few weeks ago), though I doubted the legitimacy of that price rumor. And I also couldn’t believe that the Nexus One was going to be sold at Wal-Mart of all places. If the phone is going to be available from other sellers, it seems like T-Mobile should be first. (Then there are all my problems with Wal-Mart, but that’s a whole other blog post.)

I’m eager to watch Google’s actions as it moves more into the OEM realm. Fortunately, I haven’t had any problems with the Nexus One that required customer service, but it is interesting having a phone that I didn’t get through T-Mobile. When you log into your T-Mobile account online, there is a spot that shows a picture of your phone and its features. Mine is blank.

Speaking of rumors

I was disappointed that last week’s big Apple unveiling didn’t include announcements about the iPhone being available on other carriers. My boyfriend is happy with his Verizon service, but he wants an iPhone-like device. I’ve been urging him to get a Nexus One once it’s available on Verizon. He’s not opposed, but he’s also interested in the iPhone. Which phone will be available on Verizon first? The race is on…

Oh, and…

I’ll be doing a photo-a-day project for the month of February using the Nexus One to shoot, edit and post the photos. Check it out Feb. 1.




One response

2 02 2010

I like the photo-a-day project!

It reminds me of the stunning project by National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg (Chased by the Light is also a great film.)

The Suzallo library always reminds me of the university library building in my hometown Leuven:

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