AIR and Flash Support Coming to Android

15 02 2010

I know much of the excitement coming out of the Mobile World Congress is surrounding the announcement of Windows Phone 7, but I am, of course, excited about the Android-related announcement. Adobe announced that Android users will be able to use Adobe AIR apps and will have Flash 10.1 support for Android before the end of the first half of 2010. I want Flash support ASAP so I can watch Vimeo and Hulu videos and view Flash graphics when browsing the Web. And I’m intrigued by the potential of the AIR app platform.

“The capabilities come at a time when the “Open Screen Project” a consortium of more than 70 companies have worked to bring the companies capabilities to mobile platforms ranging from cell phones and netbooks to tablets and other portable devices.

When completed developers will be able to create one application or game that will work across various platforms that support the technology, a leap forward from current multiple version setups required by developers.

The technology will also mean that web-centric applications can quickly be ported to mobile devices, while adding new features such as geo-caching and other location based services.”

Here is a video demo. (Ironically, I first read about this on my Nexus One and was not able to watch the video.)




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16 02 2010

YES! This was a huge announcement at the show. In addition to benefiting Android users, this was a big industry play because Apple and Adobe have been going head-to-head on the Flash issue for some time now. At this show, Google distanced itself from Apple by finding an ally in Adobe and Adobe showed Apple that it could play in the mobile space without having to be on the iPhone. This rivalry is heating up!

16 02 2010
Amy Rainey

All this drama is like a nerdy soap opera! =)

16 02 2010
melissa Bird-Vogel

I love this nerdy soap opera 🙂 I’m psyched Android is differentiating themselves from Apple by adding AIR and FLASH – how else is it a portable computer that also happens to be a cell phone if you cannot access sites using Flash?

22 02 2010

I agree with Melissa, especially if you are a business that doesn’t currently have a mobile site. How things change in just a week!

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