6. Conclusions

BirdThe cases of Twitter impersonation demonstrate the importance of participating in social media and making your participation known. Imposter Twitter accounts highlight the need for managing one’s identity and brand online. Not only should a business secure its domain name, it should also grab its Facebook URL and Twitter username. Businesses should monitor Twitter and other social media sites to see what’s being said about their companies and to find out who might be misrepresenting them.


Fake accounts are often created for public figures and celebrities who aren’t already on Twitter. If they take control and create — and use — and an account for themselves, it will make it harder for imposters. Lance Armstrong, for example, has 1.6 million followers on his verified account and tweets constantly. An imposter would be hard-pressed to create a fake Lance Armstrong profile now that he has amassed such a following and a reputation on Twitter.

The variety of Twitter impersonation cases represent a wide spectrum of reactions. While Tony La Russa chose one extreme choice – litigation – Shaquille O’Neal and his management team went with a different strategy – reclaiming his Twitter identity.

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