Class Production Proposal: The “Locavore” Movement

1 07 2009

I propose that our class production focus on Seattle’s local food movement. There is a strong interest in this topic in Seattle and nationwide as the “locavore” movement gains momentum. Our production would inform the audience about the pros and cons of producing and buying local food; restaurants and stores that focus on local food; and ways to get involved in the local food movement. The production will answer the question, “Should you eat locally?”

The “locavore” movement offers a variety of characters and story angles, including:

  • profiles of restaurant owners/chefs who focus on serving local food
  • profiles of local farmers
  • profiles of urban farmers (ie. city residents who raise bees and chickens)
  • urban farmers who barter with local restaurants
  • restaurants that are just getting started with offering local food
  • stores that sell local food
  • proponents of the movement
  • opponents who say that buying local isn’t important
  • local food production
  • farmers markets
  • people who make it a point to only buy local food
  • how do you define “local”?
  • the economic development argument  (



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